Passenger side car power socket v12 won't go off


Jeep Grand Cherokee 2000 4.7 when the car is off, the passenger side power socket won’t go off (driver side) it does.

How to make it so the power socket goes off?


Is this a new problem ? Why do you need it off anyway ? Maybe it is supposed to be on .If you leave something plugged in it will just run your battery down .

If you want it to go off, the car will need to be rewired.

Some manufacturers turn all sockets off when the car is off. Some don’t and leave them on. Apparently in 2000, Jeep did both.

Just unplug whatever is in the socket


The wiring diagram I’m looking at shows one 12V power outlet in the front,

And one 12V power outlet in the rear.


And both are hot all the time.


On another Chrysler product - my 2007 Town and Country - the secondary outlet can be powered full time or part time. It depends on where you place a fuse in the underhood fuse box. Check your owners manual for details.


I am wondering, since the night before my brand new battery was 12.59V and in the morning 11.99V so worried if it will go to 0 if left for a week…

I think there is a power leakage…

In my '02 taurus, there are two sockets in the dash, one is hot 24/7 and the other is hot only when the key is turned. It’s a feature.

Yes, there is. It is called a parasitic draw and can be tested to see what is causing the draw. If you have an aftermarket radio, subs, alarm or remote start, assume it is one or all of them.

If nothing is plugged in that outlet won’t drain any power.