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Passenger Power Window Groans!

The passenger window in my 2005 Chevy CO started to make sad groaning noises this winter. If I rolled it down it would not roll back up until I pushed down on it. It would roll down and back up after pushing on it.

So the window works but requires significant pressure to make it work. And all this time it makes some really horrible whining and groaning noises.

We did take the door panel off and look at the connections but we did not goes as far as pulling the motor out. We had hoped that there was a loose wire or something - there wasn’t.




Buy a can of silicone spray lube and lubricate the runners where the window slides up and down. Shucks, do both of them. It’s good preventive maintenance. Any parts store will have it, even Wal*Mart. It cures most of them.

It’s a good idea to lube this before it wears out your motor.

Is the door panel still off? If so, add a spray can of white lithium grease to the silicone - spray the regulator tracks & other moving parts with the grease and the runners with the silicone.