Passenger Air bag cosmetic cover

I have a 2001 Toyota Camry Solara. The passenger air bag cover, up on top of the dash, has warped due to sun and is an eyesore. Can I remove it and flatten it and remove some of the frayed foam along the edge without setting off the airbag and if so, how? My plan is to get it all flattened out and looking better and glue it back in with a few lines of silicone. What do you think? Or is there anywhere I can buy a new or used pristine air bag lid?


DO NOT TRY TO MODIFY THE AIR BAG YOURSELF! These things are designed to go off with more force than a shotgun. The ‘cover’ is actually the outer skin of the airbag and cannot be removed. The only safe fix is to replace the passenger side air bag. And, due to Federal laws, you’ll only be able to get a new air bag legally. Used air bags are not allowed to be sold.