98 Toyota Camry airbag light

Hey Folks! I have a 98 toyota camry LE and the airbag light has been on for some time now. The diagnostic at mechanic said it was a B0106 code. Mechanic said it could be wiring or actually may need to replace airbag on passenger side. On a tight budget now and just need my girl to work a little longer while I get through this last year of grad school. Otherwise she works beautifully! Any thoughts? Wiring would be cheaper I would think than replacement of whole airbag assembly. Any easy ways to test/check if it is a wiring issue? OR any thoughts on the cost difference between replacing wiring vs. whole airbag assembly? Also has anyone else had this happen? Feeling a little stuck. Any thoughts are much appreciated!

Your mechanic seems to know their stuff. Until the mech digs into the problem, he won’t know if its wiring or the bag. The airbag is pricey, the wiring repair could be too, but likely less than the airbag.

I’m not sure a 98 Camry is worth the cost of a new airbag or even a repair. Given your financial condition and finishing up school, I’d say if you feel comfortable with the added risk, don’t fix it, but ALWAYS wear your seatbelts!


Haha! Thanks Mustangman! Yes, alas, I thought there may not be an inexpensive fix either way. I greatly appreciate your thoughts! Hope you have a good day!

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