"Pass Time" on speed

The funny cars have just about caught up with the Top Fuel rail dragsters. They’re both lightning quick. The Top Fuelers have been hitting around 4.5 in the quarter and around 330 MPH.
I haven’t even watched much NHRA drag racing this year. After the Kalitta incident they’ve been running a 1000 feet instead of 1320 and it’s kind of leaving me flat.

A 12 second street car is quick and a 10 second street car is blinding fast. I would take with a grain of salt some of those claims made in magazines by some people that their high 8 second or mid 9 car is a “daily driver”.

Personally, I would rather watch street driven cars race at the strip than any high priced super fast Top Fuel or Funny car.
We had a guy show up at the strip here a few years ago on Test and Tune night with a King Cab Ford diesel dually (with tool box and all). A guy in a modded Subaru WRX ran against him twice and that diesel beat the stuffing out of that Subaru. In both races it was over by the 300 foot mark.

Nice, Go ford! kick (sub)aru ass.

I have a '76 f-250 with a 360, and it has 160 psi in the best cylender and 95 in the worst(is that ok?), so I don’t think it would be draggen anytime soon!

Yeah, that Ford diesel against the Subaru WRX kind of stunned me. A cloud of diesel smoke and by the 300 foot mark the truck was up by 7 lengths and ended it with about a 10 length win.

The Subaru guy was a bit irritated to say the least and went back to tweaking. The second run was closer but he still got his head handed to him by the truck guy (about a 6 or 7 length loss instead of 10). The second was also over by the 300 foot mark.
It was a hot evening and the truck guy was even running the A/C with some tunes blasting on the CD.

The dualys probably gave him an advantige, and was it 4x4 or 2x4?