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Lots available around $100 or less. I just plugged in Minnesota but you can search your own area. I also just did the right fender so you can do the other parts and make a few calls. Likely if the have one or two they’ve got more front end parts. “”.

You want parts for a car that has been gone for decades. Prepare to pay.


Rebuilding the body of an old car is a labor of love. It will never make economic sense unless the car is valuable and then it may still cost more than the car is worth.

I talked to the owner of a nice 27 Pierce Arrow who told me that if I want one, buy the best one that I can find because it will likely be 1/2 the cost pf restoring one.

No, the parts for your car are not that expensive , but given the value of a 94 Tercel no one has much incentive to save and store parts for them.

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When I need parts for one of my old cars I visit the pick-a-part yards once a month until I find what I need, they get new inventory all the time. The local yards here show 7 Tercels from the 1990’s, one 1990 and 6 1995-1997, nothing 1991-1994. In the Pacific Northwest the early nineties Tercel may not exist anymore.

There are a few yards in Arizona and New Mexico that have the fenders, they are asking $50 to $85 each. A search for Keystone body parts led to new fenders for $100 each that were not Keystone brand.

Have you checked fleaBay?

Just to further clarify, in regards to Paseo parts

I believe the Paseo radiator core support could fit

But the fenders and lights probably won’t

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