Problems finding the correct strut assembly

Hello, I have a 1989 Toyota Tercel that I’m replacing the front strut assemblies in. I ordered the assemblies online. The only ones that I found are the KYB, so I ordered them, took the old ones out and the things don’t fit. The bottom plate that holds the spring is way too big and the bottom mounting hole is 1/4 inch off. I get back online and the part number that I ordered seems to be the same one that everyone is offering online. There are also the strut inserts, but those don’t look right, they don’t seem to have that bottom plate. Can anyone tell me how I can get a hold of the correct strut assembly? Any advice would be helpful.

Thank You,


I doubt that I can be of much help at all but in the link below it references the strut shown as being “Exc station wagon”.|GRPSHOCAMS_690854787___

You did not state which model you have but any chance the discrepancy could be because the wagon uses a separate strut and the ones you received are for another model of Tercel?