Parts Question


i would like to know what parts to buy for my car.

Should someone buy the original parts or will offbrands do as well.

Point in case, it is for a Nissan Altima 2001 and i need to replace the hoses for the powersteering and the struts.

Nissan parts (like others) are usually expensive and i seen online cheaper versions from bigger stores (autozone, rockauto). The bad is, i can’t find out who the actual manufacture is for those parts.

Any suggestions? Or how do you guys did it or do it?

Doesn’t really matter ‘who’ makes them, I think.
The parts houses will be perfect for these parts.
Auto Zone, Car Quest, O’Reilly’s etc all sell with warranties so you can buy with confidence either brand you have access to.

This from a 30 year Ford dealer parts man.
In this free enterprise system, buy from anyone. But most of all, please do business localy with people who do business with you.

I second the motion on buying locally. I suggest you try your local independent parts store first (if there are any left in your area). Next, try the chains. I’d only go to the dealer as a last resort.

Use google for a Altima forumn and post question there.

i mentioned nissan, because this is the car for what i need the parts. But the question was really in general, because there is most likely no difference.

Yeah, i just wanted to make sure. For one thing i know that manufactures just label the parts over, but i wasn’t able to find out who manufactures what.

Thanks for the input i’ll consider it. :slight_smile: