Parts interchange


i need to know if parts from a 76 nove concours 4dr will interchange with a 79 olds omega 4dr. we are looking to use some of the interior peices to finish off the olds. thanks for any and all possible help. unclejoe.


Depends on the part. I would strongly suspect they will as these cars are very very similar and most parts that do not actually say “Chevrolet”, “Nova”, “Oldsmobile” or “Omega” on them will be the same.

Some salvage yards have handy books that say what parts interchange with that vehicles.


Most salvage yards use the Hollander Interchange and may give out the info. You can subscribe to it, but it’s pricy; VERY pricy. (500 bucks I think)

Some public libraries will have an auto reference section and may have a Hollander manual. Our local library does anyway.

Depending on the part, you might check the Advance Auto Parts website.
Go through the shopping icon, fill in the info on the car, and wait until the appropriate parts list pulls up for that item.
Click on the specific part (most have pics), and when the box appears with the pic there will be a title at the bottom called “What other cars does it fit” or something like that.
Click on that and another box will appear listing which, if any, cars use the same item.

Here’s a sample of what it looks like. The item is a valve lash adjuster for a Mitsubishi. Click that title in the box about other vehicles and you’ll see that one part fits a boatload of vehicles.

Hope that helps.