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Parking with a manual transmission

I have a manual transmission (6-speed)-

my driveway is off road and level. I was wondering which gear to use when I park, or to put it in neutral? I have been putting it in reverse without the emergency brake.

Someone said it should be in neutral with the brake on, incase I was ever bumped-

it wouldn’t ruin a gear pin.

parking it with the shift in reverse leaves the backup lights on in some vehicles. If yours do not stay on, then this is the lowers gear and the best secondary brake. But why do you not put on the hand brake? That is just silly. The hand brake should be such an automatic habit that you dont even think about it, but just put it on whenever you park. Why do you think you might get bumped? do you have an angry ex?

Is this a duplicate question?

Anyway - Park in low or reverse and use the PARKING brake every time. (The emergency brake is the one with your left foot on it. If you ever have the need to use that parking brake in an emergency (as I have) you will know why no one should consider it an emergency brake. Hope you never need it.