Parking lights stay on

I have a 96 Eldorado 4.6 113k. First my radio didn’t shut off when I opened the door. Then my interior lights didn’t come on when I open the door. Now, my parking lights stay on and is draining my battery. I made sure the light switcjh was not pulled out and the sentenal was off. I have to disconnect the battery every night, so my battery isn’t dead the next day. What is going on? What do I need to do, in order to find and repair this problem? Can you please help me?

I recall your previous post. Back then I speculated that your car has some logic circuitry that controls these functions, and that that module is on the fritz. If so the only cure is to have Cadillac replace it.

you have a module in the vehicle,known as the RAP module(retained accessory power)which controls those functions you spoke of. you should go to the dealer and see what codes exist,in the BCM(body control module)that is the module that watches the RAP.module and makes the decissions,based on the critria,and inputs it sees,(could be as simple as ,the door input switch.

I don’t have $90.00 for the Cadellav dealer to check it out right now. How do I get into the BCM so I can get the codes. Also, if I can’t fix it myself, could you please tell me how much it might i cost to have the dealer fix it?

Since you are having multiple problems, it is not likely that there is a simple solution such as replacing a door switch or adjusting a circuit board. Almost surely you will have to replace an expensive solid-state component. Get a price from the dealership. There is no charge for simply consulting with him.

you can retrieve codes through the heater control unit (i just forget which buttons to hold down ,been a long time ) I think it was hold the off and temperature up buttons,with the key in the on position,that will enter diagnostic mode.then within that mode codes will be displayed,I rec you find someone who can read these codes for you,due to the fact,there are many menus in this system and can be read incorrectly.and you will need to leave batt connected and duplicate your prob,so the BCM can retain the code(when you unhook the batt all codes go away)

good luck