Parking Garage Notice to Chevy Bolt owners


But, can’t say as I blame them.

Can’t blame the facility for taking that step as parking garage fires can be devastating and difficult to put out along with the dangerous collapse factor.

My late father was a firefighter at mostly military bases and at times they were called in by the civilian fire departments to provide assistance when the local FD was a bit overwhelmed.

Maybe I should have been a lawyer picking apart the sign. It is unclear if they were only talking bolts or any brand of ev. They all appear to present fire hazards at this point in development. You can read the sign either way. Depends I suppose what the definition of is is.

ALL cars (EV and ICE) present a fire hazard. The Bolt has higher than normal chance.

A few weeks ago 3 ICE Suv’s caught on fire on top of Mt Washington. First one was a Jeep and then the fire spread to 2 other SUVs.