Parking car for the winter

Hello all,

I just bought 2010 Camaro and stored it in the garage for the snowy winter. Is there anything I should do to it while it sits in the garage becided starting it up every once in while.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion!

I would suggest just driving it as normal. Why have an expensive investment sitting in your garage depreciating?

If you really want to park it all winter OK, but remember modern cars are far less sensitive to salt and rust. Also if you have a multi car garage, the cars you do drive will be bringing in moisture with them into that garage.

  1. Don’t just start it up once in a while. That is hard on the car, it is better not to start it at all.

  2. Do add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel. Read the directions on the container.

  3. Get a battery tender. It is a special kind of battery charger just for such situations. It will keep the battery charged.

  4. Get that battery and batter tender into your basement, not in the garage close to the car. If your car has no battery in it, stealing it will be far more difficult as thieves seldom bring a spare, correct size battery with them.

  5. Contact your insurance company, no need to pay collision insurance (the part that is most expensive) when your car will not be in traffic. Don’t forget to call them back before you drive it and don’t cancel the comprehensive insurance.

  6. If rodents may get into the garage, take steeps to keep them out, they can make a home in a car and do a lot of damage.

Don’t just start it up every once in a while. You need to get it up to full operating temperature each time or it’s actually worse for the car. Wait for a clear day every few weeks and take it out for some errands.