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Parked car for Winter, Started it up and can smell burning?

Curious if this could be a normal thing from it sitting for 6 months… I have a 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Took the battery out for the Winter. Just started the car today only ran it for about 2 min when I went to close the hood after shutting it off I could smell a faint burning smell the smell resembled a burning rubber smell it was not strong but I also didnt run the car for long.

Has anyone experienced this after a cars been sitting? Im worried now to drive it or start it as I dont wanna cause harm what would you suggest I do?

I looked best I could and all the wires look fine… no signs of chewing or anything.

Do you think its safe for me to start it and maybe just let it Idle and see if the smell fades? Im worried about it catching fire…lol :S

Thank you for any suggestions!

Did the exhaust manifold or cat converter get hot? there may be oil drippings on them, or a bird or mouse nest.

You may also have a gasoline problem, as gas sitting for that length of time gets all gummy and may cause problems. There are stabilizers you can add to the gas tank, but too late now. If it runs rough, you may have to drain the gas tank and lines.

The smell may be from dust on the exhaust manifold and pipes or from oil seeping onto the manifold. Inspect the engine and exhaust for animal nests. Don’t worry about the gasoline, my cars sit for up to a year without problems.

Ok thank you both I will do that! My dad seems to think its just “dust” just clearing out kind thing but Im going to check first hes coming over tomorrow to double check with me.

I did have a rat under there at the start after I parked it :frowning: No signs of a nest and I put a bunch of bounce sheets (people swear by them) in there and it didnt come back! Ive inspected but Ill really hunt tomorrow for a possible nest :s or oil leak.

"Has anyone experienced this after a cars been sitting?"
No, and I park cars for the long winter after our short summers.