Parasitic drain 01 mustang

parasitic drain stops when i pull #6 40 amp fuse under hood instrument cluster & pcm . any ideas what could be drawing on battery.

Some more info might help.
Battery being run down quickly and if so, how quickly?
How much of a parasitic draw do you have and are you measuring this with a VOM, etc.?

There are several things on a car that will draw current all of the time; clock, PCM, stereo memory, etc.

That fuse supplies power to other fuses which are 15, 22, 27, 33, and 39. They are located in the central junction box which is most likely inside the dash. To pin the area down further check those fuses. Fuse 27 ties to the audio system and may be the best suspect.

Many thanks. Pulled fuse 27 draw went away. I now have to unplug amps to see if the problem is in the radio or amps. Again many thanks

You’re welcome for the help. I would first suspect the trouble coming from one of the amps rather than the radio as the cause of the drain.

As ok4450 pointed out, it would be nice to know the magnitude of the parasitic drain to help those responding understand the problem. Not absolutely necessary, but nice to know it’s not a red herring before investing the effort…