...And don't drive like these guys, either

Glad I took that Defensive Driving Course; may of these goofs are covered, and how to anticipate them.

Interesting that most of these clips were in good weather on dry pavement.

It drives home the point that some people are simply incapable of learning Freeway driving due to poor reactions and slow info processing.

I have encountered most of these types shown here over my 64 years of driving.

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Brake checking is incredibly stupid. What was the incredibly large slow moving vehicle doing in the left lane? Was it in a backasswards right hand drive country?

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A few of these folks deserved a sharp rap to the rear bumper. Cut off a car and then stop short in front of it? stupid!

Never change lanes so close in front of a truck! Also, as several of these clearly show, hit the brake-checker square in the rear, don’t try and evade, you don’t want a rollover!

I think a lot of that was insurance scammers, a practice so common in places like Russia that a lot of people won’t drive without a dash cam over there.