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Paddle Shifters

i have a 2008 mitsubishi lancer es w/ an automatic transmission and i was wondering is there a way to put paddle shifters in my car?

Try a Google or eBay Motors search for such a kit. There may be such a kit if your transmission already has a manual shift feature. If something like that exists, it will probably be either expensive if it looks good or look cheesy if it’s cheap, depending on how they get around mounting something like that to the steering wheel. There’s apparently a market for something like that (since you want one), so check into it.

Keep in mind that most “automanuals” are not going to be set up properly for good paddle shifting. A good set of paddle shifters, like those found on exotic cars, enable you to switch gears very quickly. An automanual does not shift the instant you hit the button, which makes paddle shifters somewhat pointless.

appreciate the help mark9207 they look really cool to have and if i had some paddle shifters i would beat lots of people in races lol

If somebody makes an aftermarket kit, it’s surely for the sake of a gimmick, which is the reason I assume the OP wants these, for gimmick’s sake, not for performance. A Lancer is not exactly a performance car.

I have driven some cars with factory paddle shifters (not exotics, the ones that are there as a gimmick), and they are fun for about five minutes, then you kind of forget they are there. This is my experience with them. Not worth spending extra money on, in my book, but I’m sure someone else probably likes them more than I do.

No you won’t. Paddle shifters won’t improve performance. It’s a gimmick, except in the “manumatics” offered in Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Then you really do get lightning quick shifts. Even the paddle shifters offered in the ZO6 and ZR1 Corvettes are nothing more than a gimmick.

The ZR1 and Z06 are manual only. Only base model Corvette has paddle shifters on the automatics. But yes unless you have dual-clutch automated manual like Porsche’s Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (yes that’s the real name) transmission, then the paddles are largely gimmicks and don’t offer any performance advantages over just putting the transmission in “Drive”.

A friend of mine has a Bimmer with paddle shifter…I found it to be a pointless pain in the a$$…He thinks it’s “cool”…I guess that’s what counts. The car shifts fine all by itself…

You can possibly get the steering wheel from the other Lancer with the paddle shifters. You will get the look, however as far as them being functional no.


Translation to English:

doppel = dual or double
kupplung = clutch or coupler
getriebe = gearbox

Just thought you’d find this interesting

Exotic cars like Ferraris with paddle shifters have an actual manual gearbox that is hydraulically actuated through the paddles. They also have a regular plate-type clutch that is automatically actuated somehow. I’ve found that manual modes and paddle shifters on regular automatic “slushboxes” are completely useless. My own car has a 6-speed stick. They work better;-)

I’ve talked to a lot of people who think gimmicks make your car faster. That’s why you see giant exhaust tips on Hondas. :wink:

Unless your transmission has a double clutch, you won’t be able to take advantage of the paddle shifters. I’m sure your transmisssion dones’t; don’t bother. The Cadilla CTS-V has paddle shifters in it’s auto transmission, but it’s fastest time around the Nurbergring circuit was in fully automatic mode. I believe it’s still the fastest production sedan in the Universe.

It is the fastest production sedan in the world, and such a deal at $65k. Makes you want to go out and buy one.

There was a major efort put into the BMW “SMG” (sequencial manual gearbox) to prevent the car from starting with a decklid or other feature that is supposed to be locked down, locked down. The BMW SMG does not have a “Park” position so much care had to be taken if something went wrong and the car took off. Duplicating this level of safety will not be cheap or easy. Sure the BMW SMG shifts fine all by itself but there is no way you could or would want to be doing this rapid and amount of shifting by foot and hand.

The slap-shifts seem to be a gimmic, I have driven several and they seem to be no more than the old gate shift on GM muscle cars of the 60s.

All this wonderfulness from a push-rod V-8…

Of course. The pushrod V8 is a wonderful thing.

The pushrod V8 is pretty marvelous, and can provide some serious horsepower. Of course, Cadillac borrowed the engine from Chevrolet, but that’s what relatives are for.

And of course it costs $65,000. You gotta pay to play. But compared to the M5 at $86,000 and E65 AMG at $97,000 it is a bargain. That’s enough to buy a Cruze for commuting with the difference.

a pushrod V8, with a big honking supercharger sitting atop it.