P1326 cel engine code. vehicle in limp mode. gas 2.4 GDI

anyone experience this code and concern? it’s a hard fault and my snap on scanner says it’s a glow plug relay stuck on. this is a gasoline engine and does not have glow plugs. any help?

Your Snap-On scanner may not be up to date. Fault P1326 was added the the PCM via a software update to detect engine bearing failure using the knock sensor.

The system is flawed, electrical interference in the wiring can cause false alarms. An overlay wiring harness has been developed to correct the false alarms.

Here is a tread with a dozen other people with the same problem;

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Since this is a new car and they are willing to give you a better wiring harness segment on warranty, I would take it and be happy, and I would not be concerned about future problems.

I know nothing of this specific car, but in general, if a car is getting phantom errors due to electrical interference, the first thing to check is aftermarket accessories that can generate RF interference. Back in the 1990s, analog cell phones could cause problems. These days, a common culprit is poor quality USB chargers that plug in to the car’s 12V power ports.