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P1135 code

how do i fix this and how do i reset

First, what IS P1135 code? It’s a DTC trouble code for: The front A/F oxygen sensor heater circuit has a malfunction (bank 1) on your Toyota Avalon 3.0L V6.
This could be from a broken wire, poor connection, or a bad A/F oxygen sensor (also, called, “Wide Band oxygen sensor”). The sensor is too expensive to just replace it to see if that will take care of the malfunction. The A/F heater circuit needs to be checked with a multimeter.
You could remove the EFI fuse, wait 2 minuets, and reinstall the EFI fuse, to erase the trouble code. If the cause is still there, the check engine light will come ON the next time the engine is started.

Year? Mileage??