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P0441 & P0455 Trouble Codes on 2007 Toyota Corolla CE

I’ve been having P0441 & P0455 codes showing up on my 2007 Corolla CE. My code reader tells me the areas that need checked. But, I can’t find the vacuum switching valve on it so that I can check it for problems. Somebody said it’s under the hood, but I can’t seem to locate it.

Is is possible that it’s mounted on the vapor canister (which I have located above the rear axle)?

Thank you.

Mark B Handler

There are many emissions components that can throw those codes. I checked a couple of Toyota owner’s sites and the common problems were loose/bad gas caps, purge VSV and holes or cracks in the purge hose. I believe the emissions components are still under warranty for 8 years so you might want to call a Toyota dealer and find out. It’s always better to spend their money and not yours. You can google “Toyota purge VSV” and there are a lot of different locations listed that might help.

There was a bad batch of main engine computers on that model that would incorrectly control what is called a “purge valve” on the fuel vapor system. If the car has less than 80,000 miles, it’s covered by a federal warranty through the Toyota dealer, and it’s free. T.S.B. # EGO41-07. As long as the valve itself is working correctly (step #1), the computer gets replaced (step #2). I hope it’s got less than 80K, or else this fix gets really pricey out of pocket, provided it’s not a faulty gas cap or an intermittent issue with the vapor lines and components.

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This car has close to 140,000 on it. But, I need to know where the VSV is so that I can check it (myself). I’ve been told that the VSV is under the hood. I can’t find it. Or is it on the vapor cannister?

This is the only genuine Toyota vacuum switching valve (VSV) that I could find. I would assume that they all look pretty much the same. The one on my wife’s '07 Nissan Sentra looks just like it. Hope this helps.

Under the hood, driver’s side. One of the hoses goes to the intake manifold.
Only other vacuum hoses are to brake booster and PCV valve.

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