P0405 code 2006 jeep grand cherokee laredo

I’m having an issue with my jeep grand cherokee laredo. First the check engine light came on. Checked it and replaced the 1 and 2 spark plugs and coil packs. Drove it a week and the check engine light came on again saying coil 2 again with a p0405 code. Looked it up it’s a egr but I cant find it. Online pics show it’s on the motor but i dont see it. Any ideas?

Which engine? 3.7, 4.7, or 5.7?

p0405 means the computer thinks the egr valve pintle should be opened to a certain position, and the position sensor is saying it isn’t. Could be

  • the 5 volt precision reference to the position sensor
  • sensor ground
  • sensor signal wire is shorted to chassis
  • egr assembly is faulty
  • computer is faulty

On the 4.7 L engine the egr ass’y is located near the rear of the driver’s side head. Not literally …lol … I mean the cylinder head. You should see a good sized tube/pipe connecting the EGR to the intake manifold in that area.

3.7 v6 I believe

The 3.7 L v6 engine doesn’t use an EGR valve as far as I can tell. Only the 4.7 and 5.7. So it follows a p0405 code should not appear on a 3.7L engine. Suggest to double check what engine you have, and what code(s) is appearing. The engine ID is usually on a label posted on the underside of the hood.

It is a 3.7 for sure.

and it for sure is p0405

We need someone with a higher pay grade to help Jennifer on this one :wink:

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The EGR valve is located at the rear of the drivers side cylinder head, it has a cylinder shape almost the size of a Red Bull can and has an electrical connector.

Sorry for the dumb question, but when you had the codes scanned, did it pick up additional codes?

One person (online) wasn’t clear, but indicated his throttle body sensor was either defective, or cleaning the throttle body cured his code. Looking thru parts, I didn’t see a EGR for the 3.7. (Yes, you’d certainly notice that it’s a V6.) The code isn’t for the TPS, so don’t know how he decided that was the part. Other 2006 owners have had the same code.

If it were the 2007 engine, it’d be here. (Maybe the same location you saw online?)

its 0403