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Code P1404 what does it mean

I got a code reading of P1404 on a 2000 Impala from the parts store, but they can’t say for sure what it means. Could anyone tell me what this woudl be? The service vehicle soon light comes on.

Check out this thread from another forum:

Don’t worry about the Pontiac Grand Am vs Chevy Impala part - its all GM. These two cars probably even use the same EGR valve and PCM.

P1404 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Closed Position Performance

This tells you that the problem is in the area of the EGR system. The factory manual should have a troubleshooting procedure to tell you what tests to do to determine exactly what the fault is and how to correct it. The OBDII code is just the first step in the diagnosis of this problem.

Edit: better advice above.

Thanks, I appreciate the help.