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P0123 Throttle Position Sensor voltage high

My car suddenly went dead and rpms dropped to 0 when hitting the freeway recently. I had a guy come scan my car for codes and it shot out the P0123 Throttle sensor position voltage high. My car turns when I crank it but not over. It sounds slow and sluggish to turn too. What does this mean? Is this me needing to change the throttle sensor? Or is it something else I could check possibly? I am broke and cant afford fixing the wrong thing, ya know? I have a video of it trying to crank but I dont think I can post it here…

You could quickly test the sensor with a multi meter. Lots of videos on youtube or you can just go ahead and replace it for ~$20.

I suspect the timing belt broke, a failed TPS shouldn’t keep the engine from starting.

Disconnect the TPS and try to start the engine, the PCM will use default values if the TPS is disconnected. If the TPS is the problem the engine should start.

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They are 70 bux here. lol Like, I said, cant afford to be wrong. Im thinking its not the sensor now. It has to be something else.

That came up in discussion with a few other folks as well. How do we tell? Just take off the casing and have a look? Im sure I can google that one either way. I will make sure we check that asap. Ty!

I tried starting it with the sensor disconnected and it was a nogo. Thats why I dont think its the sensor. :confused:

after looking at the wiring diagram, I would have to believe you have a wiring issue between PCM and TPS. If your friend has a scanner that you can actually look at live data, I bet you would find The voltage for the TPS with it disconnected to be over 4.47 volts. If it is that high, the PCM will not pulse the injectors. Could be something as easy as a bad TPS connector.

If the timing belt broke the car would turn over fast, not slow.

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So I need to go pick me up a multi meter?

You have to bare with me, Im a 34 yr old housewife xD lol

Sometimes when working on cars I forget what we call the basics. What I mean by that is we can pick on that P0123 til the cows come home and not get anywhere if the engine can not run. The first thing to do when I get a no start is to use an alternate fuel source. My favorite around the shop, probably because it’s handy is a can of brake clean. Spray some in the throttle body and see if it starts. If it does, then the problem is fuel delivery. If it does not, then the problem lies elsewhere, as in maybe as Nevada stated, check timing belt.

Okie dokie. Yeah, we threw about 11 codes since I have replied on here as
well. My advice, throw away car and start over :stuck_out_tongue: lol No, really though.
This is a **** show :stuck_out_tongue: If I figure it out, Ill try to remember to come back
and say…

Sorry, this post makes no sense to me at all.

who is “we”? You are the OP, who are you giving advice to?