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Ozone Generators

My 2009 Avalon had a water leak from the sunroof drain. The dealer replaced the carpet, but there was still a mildew odor. Next they put an ozone generator in my car for 24 hours. There is a definite chemical odor in the car. From what I have read on the internet, to deodorize a car the ozone generator should be left in the car for between 1 to 3 hours. At 8 to 10 hrs exposure the vinyl, leather and wiring insulation will start to degrade. What is your take on this situation. I am concerned that my interior will start to crack and maybe start having electrical problems.

It’s amazing…You take a nice, tight car with a watertight cabin and cut a big hole in the top of it…I bet you don’t do that again…

Wow, Grumpy. Way to completely not answer her question and belittle people. Your a class act.

It appears you need to get some confirmation from the dealer that the interval they used the ozone generator was in following with the manufacturer’s instructions. Maybe they would be willing to give you some sort of written warranty to cover any potential future problems. Be sure to get any such guaranty in writing. If the vinyl, leather, and wiring insulation were damaged, you should be able to see it by the end of this summer. You should still be under warranty by then.

It all depends on how much ozone the unit puts out per hour. I have used ozone generators several times, and have had no ill effects. I hope the smell goes away permanently. The chemical smell you had was from the ozone, and will disipate soon.