Ozone Generator damage



What is the documented official maximum time to use an ozone generator in an auto interior without causing degradation of the leather, vinyl or electrical wiring? I have done quite a bit of research online and found the recommended time for auto interiors is 1 - 3 hrs. Leather will start to degrade after 8 - 10 hours. EPA and Calif. Health and Welfare Agency state that ozone generators can cause significant damage to rubber, vinyl and electrical wiring. However i have not been able to find what the actual maximum exposure time for auto interior is. My new car was treated for 24 hours and I am very concerned that it might have caused significant damage to me interior and wiring. Thanks


Continued from above - I have found others opinions, but not and reference to any official documented maximum treatment time.


I bet your interior treatment has turned your brand new car into a self distructing heap, I am sure it probably has 6 months to a year of life left at best. I hope you have a plot picked out already.


Would you please tell us why you use an ozone generator in the interior, I’ve been around the block about 71 years and this is the first I’ve heard of this!


First you will need to know how strong is the ozone, and I would guess it would also vary depending on the temperature and other factors. Too many to give you a really meaningful answer.


It does make sense that someone came up with a machine that repairs the ozone, with all the damage done from AC refridgerants it is good that science has come to the rescue.

I remember some years back where it was popular to have a machine that ionizes the air running in your house. I always thought it was my fathers way to say my mother was acting a bit witchy.


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