Oxygen sensors


I have a 1999 Chevy Silverado extended cab new body style. The front sensors needed to be replaced. I bought 2 sensors online they were made by Worg Borner. I installed them and cleared the service light. The light came on again. My question is should I buy only a GM sensor?


Worg Borner may be a Chinese imitation of Borg Warner, an old but quality car parts brand. Get the trouble code read at a car parts store free to know more. I have never heard that you must buy the original brand O2 sensor. You need to clear the trouble code.

I just bought a CAN OBD II code reader for 50 bucks at Harbor Freight that I am itching to use.


Sounds lke you might have “shot the messenger” & replaced your perfectly good O-2 sensors.

Example if the codes you read were P-0171 “fuel system too lean bank 1”
And P-0174 “fuel system too lean bank 2” the most likely problem is a vacuum leak or dirty MAF sensor.

Changing the O2’s wont help with those codes.

So, what are the codes that you pulled??