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Oxygen sensor light

I have a 2005 honda odyssey van and the oxygen sensor light keeps coming on.

I Have An Answering Machine Hooked Up To My Phone And The Message Light Keeps Coming On.


Go To A Major Auto Parts Store Like Advance Or Autozone. They Will Scan The Van For Codes (Usually Free Of Charge) That Will Offer Clues.

Write them down and post the codes here exactly, like PO455 or PO171, etcetera.
There are many reasons why that light could be on.

Speaking of PO171, one of the most common “Oxygen Sensor” codes, Honda has a Technical Service Bulletin for 2005 & 2006 Odysseys with the Check Engine Light always on and code PO171 recorded. On some of these vehicles the Powertrain Control Module misinterprets inputs as a lean fuel condition. The PCM would need to be updated with new software.

Go now. Come back and tell us what you’ve got.


Added: It is possible, I suppose, that a PO171 could be a fault in the MAF sensor/circuit, but could also be a false code on this particular vehicle. A PO171 definitely would need some expert diagnosis.

The Smog Gods are knocking on your door…They want appeasement…It’s time to open your wallet and make the required sacrifice…If you ignore their request, they will render your car non-operational…

I suppose if nothing else this post illustrates my point about an O2 sensor always being the punching bag every time a CEL comes on due to perception and a common phrase.

Get the car scanned. That lamp is not an oxygen sensor light.

Has Anything Been Tried To Remedy The Situation ? The Original Post Is Running A Little Lean On Actual Information.