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Check engine light came on immediately after refueling to full 2002 honda

I recently topped up the fuel in my 2002 Odyssey to the top. The pump did not click of to signal I was at capacity but I noticed it was over the full line on the gauge and it stayed there for a few drives before it started to decend. The CEL came on Immediately as I turned on ignition after that particular refueling. The van ran as usual. After a few days parked there was a struggle to start the van. I have tightened the gas cap. The light is still on. Can the struggle to start be connected? It only happened when the car is being started after a few hours. When in use it turns on and off as normal.

Are you anywhere near a parts store like Auto Zone?

Some parts stores will connect a code reader to your vehicle for free and pull the codes.

Only then can it be determined why the Check Engine light is on.


No, but I can get to one over the next few days. Will a OBD reader give me details on the cause of why the light is on it just the code so specify which part of the vehicle is causing an issue? I’m wondering if I caused fault to the sensors if the the fuel tank has indeed over filled . But it’s speculation and I will def take it to be read at a store. Thank you so much for your response , I appreciate it.

A code reader will provide a code that will indicate where the problem lies.

You can’t overfill the gas tank on today’s vehicles to cause damage.


Thanks again :blush::+1: