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might buy fixer upper. seller says it is overheating. could be water pump, thermostat, or head gaskets. i do not know more details. i do not know if coolant is being used and if there is external leaks. car has thermostat under intake so top of motor needs to be taken apart to reach it. great foreign design. water pump is under timing cover but is not driven by timing belt. its pulley is driven by serp belt. funny design. is there a reason seller says it may be 3 things? price is low. so i assume low price is based on high cost of repair that owner is already aware of.

Apparently the reason for the overheating has not been diagnosed. So…that just leaves a general list of reasons that any car might overheat. I’d also include the possibility of a bad radiator.

What is the year and model? I don’t think any Saturns were equipped with timing belts - all chain. That’s a bonus. But buying and old Saturn - even without known issues - is a bit of a crap shoot these days. It’s an orphan.

03 vue, 3.0 motor. Used in the L sedans also. Has timing belt. Opel motor. I have done this timing belt job on other vues.

I would not buy it unless your budget can tolerate a replacement salvage yard motor. You just don’t know how badly it’s been overheated, if coolant has gotten into the oil, etc. I would not take the seller at their word for what has been done or what they’ve experienced with the vehicle unless you know them personally.

You sure its the Opal motor? A lot of the 02/03 Vues used the Honda 3.0 non V-tec motor.

The 3.0 is Opel and the 3.5 is Honda. An opal is a mineraloid while Opel is a car company.

Found 2 vues in boneyard. 1 has Honda motor and medium front corner damage. Probably good drivetrain. 2nd has 3.0! Woohoo. Never see them in yard. But no body damage. So, probably motor or trans issue. It’s pull a part yard. No info on motor. Only has 30 return policy. U buy, bad part, u only get credit, no refund. That’s why prices are low. Motor is 230, trans 99. Trans are 49 with no return. Sort of a crapshoot. Maybe u just want a cheap core?