Beloved 2001 300M Chrysler’s idiot lite came on, pulled over to side of road, husband came & added 2 qts of water into reservoir, drove car short distance to repair garage, temp climbed slowly, never to the danger point, and that’s where it’s been for over a week & 1/2. New thermostat put in, radiator ok, put in new water pump, (but it wasn’t the problem), time belt was twisted, replaced that, still overheats–thought maybe cracked head or blown gasket, car has just over 60,000 miles. Any suggestions?

Lots of possibles. Just because the radiator doesn’t leak doesn’t mean it’s good. Has anyone checked the radiator cap to see if it’s holding pressure? Has anyone verified the veracity of the temp sensor with a remote gage? Was the system pressure tested? A blown head gasket or warped head can be diagnosed. Anybody checked for hydrocarbons in the coolant? Any bubbles coming up the coolant when the engine’s running? Anybody done a compression leakdown test?

Twisted timing belt? Not possible.

hi Miriam:

reading your original post i am seeing a GLARING statement.

if someone said your timing belt was “TWISTED” run, dont walk, but RUN to find a new mechanic.

after seeing that, i am hoping you mis-interpreted what the mechanic said.

Did the mechanic actually do the work or just charge you for it? Something is fishy with the mechanic if he told you the timing belt was “twisted”

Does your Chrysler have a loss in engine power when it is running hot? If the acceleration and power are lacking check the catalytic converter …with a different garage.

Is the fluid level stable?

Belts do twist sometime; but, that’s not the point. I have to wonder if the water pump was changed as a “best guess”? The problem is that there seems to be more guessing going on. It might be best if you took the car to a radiator repair shop…at least, to a mechanic who knows how to troubleshoot an overheat problem.