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Overheating PT Cruiser

My 83 year old mom has a 2001 pt cruiser. The gauge is overheating. Some water was leaking from the radiator, not a lot. 3 mechanics have given estimates. The first said it was the water pump. The second said per computer is was not the water pump from his experience it was the head gasket. Third thought it was the radiator cap then said no. A hose was somewhat loose but that did not cause the problem. It heats up going down the hill and not up a hill. Water pump is okay must be the head gasket. Both said it held 15 lbs of pressure. She is too upset to handle this and it is left up to me. Do you think it is the head gasket?

I should say some water was seen around the water pump not the radiator but that tested ok.

What is the miles and has the timing belt been done? How do you know the water leaked from the radiator? You had a good pressure test? So here are the issues. One you may need a water pump which I think on this car should include the timing belt due to the work involved. Two you may just need hose work. Three anyone who does a overnite pressure test should see where the fluid came from. This test is done engine cold and puts as much pressure as a hot engine on all the seals. If the leak was near the water pump and the timing belt is due for replacement it is about 700$ but will be done and solved. A slow pump might cause the heating down hill but remember it takes time for the heat of the engine to reach the coolant so it depends on how long it takes to climb the hill. Also you could have a bad coolant temp sensor waiting too long to turn on the radiator fan.

Most importantly, it’s critical that she not continue to drive it if it’s overheating. If she continues to drive it in its current state, it’s quite possible a relatively inexpensive repair will turn into an engine replacement.