Overheating Yukon

So I just paid to have my drive belt replaced because my truck was squealing to high heaven. I figured my water pump was going out, so I told the repairman to be sure to check that. I just picked up my vehicle, and it is still wanting to overheat. So did they not check the water pump, the belt slip off (yet make no noise when it did it) or is my radiator fan out?

There are many possible causes of overheating. A bad thermostat or fan clutch can lead to overheating. Also a bad water pump or a clogged radiator.

Start with the simple things (thermostat).

Also, are you sure the engine is really overheating? A faulty coolant temperature sender can make the gauge read high even though the engine is not too hot.

My check gauges indicator came on and there was some serious strain going on with my engine, so I pulled over immediately and popped the hood.