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Overheating help!

Vehicle overheats, fuel flow stops on hot days (Virginia heat) after 2 hours of driving.

Advised that any of 16 main components overheating might stop fuel flow.

Need more specific solution!

Thank you.


Is the car actually overheating? As in does the temp light come on or does the temp gauge go into the red?

Need more specific information.

There’s a component that overheats. No, the temp light does not come on nor does the gauge go red.
I’m asking if one of the components that control fuel flow has a problem or which one would most likely have the problem. It’s not a matter of the vapor lock or computer, those have both been tested.
What other component would be failing? What’s likely to fail?

Vehicle will quit and after 5 minutes or so, it will start up again. The longer it sits each time, the further it will travel, as if something is cooling down. Example: last week, it took me 2 hours, with 18 stops (stop & start) to go 20 miles, because something is overheating and shutting off the fuel.