Overheating 2007 Audi A8


I have a loss of Anti-freeze with no visible leaks, the car does overheat and the warning light activates. This is a 2007, does it have the coolant valve problem list above? The transmission does shift sluggishly when it overheats.

Steve , me thinks head gasket problem . Stop driving as over heating will just make things worse . Since you are on the web asking you probably need a good shop . I would pay for a diagnostic then decide if the expence is worth it.


As Volvo noted, plus you have cooked your transmission fluid.
If you have the car repaired, transmission fluid must be changed.

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It’s possible for coolant to move into transmission via a faulty transmission fluid cooler. That would usually cause an unexplained rise in the transmission fluid level. If that’s the problem, often requires replacing both the trans fluid cooler and the transmission.

Head gasket problem could explain it too. Ask friend to follow behind you as you rapidly accelerate up a freeway on-ramp. Do they see a big cloud of white smoke out the tailpipe?

For crying out loud George. This thing is over heating so it should not be driven until the problem is found.


Should owner push it to the shop?

Google something called vehicle towing service .