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Overheating 1993 Chevrolet 1500

I have over heating problem on my 93 chevy p/u 4.3, with in 2miles it will red line and steam come out from under the hood. put in new parts , radiator, thermostat, reset timing,changed heater core.please HELP. Thank you.

Did you check or replace the fan clutch?

yes I did. the problem is the thermostat , drill a small hole in it , now work fine, Weeeeeee got heat. But ty for your reply.

Drilling a hole in a part is not a fix. The thermostat was defective or installed upside down. But if you’re happy with this fix, all is well.

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the thermostat is in right, spring side down

You may have a leaking head gasket. When combustion gases get trapped behind the thermostat during warm up it delays the opening of the thermostat, it must be submerged in coolant to open promptly. Drilling a hold in the thermostat allows the combustion gases to flow past the thermostat keeping it in contact with the hot coolant.