Overfilling Oil/White Smoke

2001 Nissan Xterra. I made a stupid mistake while changing my oil and overfilled it. Before realizing this I drove the car about 0.5 miles when white smoke started billowing out of the exhaust. I got the car home immediately drained and refilled the oil. However the car is still blowing the white smoke. Will this fix itself or did I do some real damage to my engine

Give it a little time to burn it all out. I don’t think a half mile is going to do much. Back in school my wife’s Dad told her to put oil in her car (a 64 plymouth if I remember) before driving it the 90 miles home. She didn’t consult me and proceeded to fill the thing up with oil-all the way up. Drove it home a smokin’ like crazy. Never hurt anything except the mosquitos.

Only time will tell. Overfilling is very bad, but if you did not go too far and if the oil light did not come on, it may not have caused any damage. Hopefully the smoke will decrease quickly. Check the radiator fluid level and how it looks. That smoke should not last long. BTW is it really white or could it be a light blue?