Overdrive and 1 not working

It is a 2004 Pontiac Bonneville with 275,000 miles. I understand that it’s at the end of its life. Transmission currently shot in that car will not move in Overdrive or 1. Reverse, 2, and 3 work.

Can I drive this car to work and back 30 minutes temporarily? I’m kinda stuck in that I can’t afford a different car and fixing this isn’t financially wise.

Advice appreciated.

If you’re truly stuck financially, then yes you can…but don’t have any long term expectations. The tranny could finish dying next week. I wouldn’t dump money into fixing it either. Do you have any family you could ask to help you out? I know you said the drive is 30 minutes, so I’m assuming biking isn’t practical (plus we’re flying towards winter)…is there any mass transit available? Uber/Lyft? Would anyone you work with be able to give you a ride if you offered to help with gas?


Absolutely working on all the things you mentioned, but I just wanted to check on the feasibility of the car as sort of a last-ditch effort. For all I know it could completely and totally crap out on my way to work tomorrow morning. At least now, however, I understand that it’s possible to drive it safely with only 2 and 3

Copied this from another site. Are you sure about only first and OD not working? If the check engine light is on, have it read and post the codes here. It could be in limp mode if it’s not a band broken as outlined below. Either way, I guess it’ll drive until it won’t :laughing:. Good luck with it.

“## Only 1’st, 2’nd, and Reverse Work

If you have a situation where Drive and 3’rd gear stop working entirely, you know how terrible it is to drive home with your vehicle screaming down the highway. The situation is most likely going to be caused by a broken forward apply band.”

No check engine light. Mechanic simply told me that transmission is shot

Try adding this to the transmission fluid.

And cross your fingers,


Make sure the fluid is at the proper level. The procedure for checking is in the owner’s manual.

Friend has a Toyota corona from ariz. wouldn’t shift to 3rd gear. Car was in great shape. We changed fluid and he kept driving around town. After a few weeks it shifted into 3rd again. Got lucky I guess.