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Over heating corvette

I have a 92 corvette that the cooling fan don’t come on untill the temp gets to about 260 degrees. it started after i changed the water pump then i changed the thermostat and fan relays but no help. it the winter it’s fine as a matter of fact i think it comes on too much in the winter. what did i do wrong ? cross some wires or what. i have one fan jumped out now to run all the time.

How do you know it is 260?? If the fans are turning on and off, and constantly doing so at the same indicated temperature, then it is not crossed wires or something, it is a sensor. That sensor may be the one telling you it is 260? or it may be a different one telling the fan to come on.

Your car does not care if it winter or summer, it should try to keep the engine at the same temperature all year long.

This car has two sensors to monitor the coolant. One is for the ECM, and the other for the cooling fans. The one for the ECM uses a two-wire connector, and the one for the fans uses a single wire. The single wire sensor grounds to the engine when the proper temperature is reached, and triggers the cooling fan relay. The sensors are not expensive, and are easy to replace. They should both be located on the intake manifold over the coolant cross-over near the thermostat housing. You should only need to replace the single wire sensor.