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Over heating car

my crown vic, yes an old trooper car, sometimes over heats. If I am in stop and go traffic or steep hills, it gets hots. Do I need to replace the themostat, flush the radiador, change the water pump,or does it have something to do with the ac that does not work.

It’s hard to see your car from here. Can you park it a little closer to your computer?

Seriously, however, your overheating problem could be the result of any of those situations–with the exception of the non-operative A/C system. It is possible that you need a new thermostat, or that you need to flush the radiator, or possibly replace the radiator, or replace the water pump. If the car uses electric cooling fans, the problem could also result from a bad heat sensor or even a bad fan motor.

Only someone who can actually examine the car can tell you exactly which of those fixes will resolve the problem.