Over-filled transmission fluid

I recently took my 2006 Kia Spectra with less than 41,000 miles on it to a dealership about half an hour away for a full-flush AT fluid exchange. Bottom line, they overfilled it despite my telling the jobber that I had to make a 300 mile drive the next day. After getting back from the drive, I checked the level IAW the Owner’s Manual directions to check the fluid level when hot. It read about 7/8" over the top “hot full” mark. After checking it again, I called a local repair shop to see if they could remove the excess. They had me drive over, where a certified mechanic confirmed my reading and told me the AT was about a quart too full. However, he told me to have the dealership fix the problem. The dealership reduced the level to just under the lower “hot full” marker, but the car is shifting noticeably rougher than before and I’m hearing a low, zipping noise when shifting from N to D [the tranny never did either of these things before]. The dealership didn’t charge for the adjustment, but noted on the work order that they’d only had to reduce the level by a fourth of a quart. The Owner’s Manual indicates this AT takes 8.2 quarts of fluid. Question 1: With a reading of 7/8" over, who’s more accurate in the overfill estimate, the dealership or the 3rd party mechanic? Question 2: At either level, has the transmission been damaged? [This car has been very reliable and I’ve intended to keep it for at least another 5 years]. Question 3: If damage may have occurred, what signs should I look for?

It’s impossible for me to say who was more accurate when checking the fluid level but running a quart over full or 1/4 under should not hurt anything. I’ve routinely overfilled my transmissions and even the engine oil by 1/2 to 1 quart for 40ish years with never a problem.

Overfilled (within reason of course) is preferable to being even slightly underfilled.
As to the rough shifting and noise that’s also impossible for me to say because based on either scenario I don’t see the transmission as being affected; unless someone really erred on checking the level.

Does this car have a transmission dipstick? After allowing it to sit all night check the level cold and see where it’s at. The level will rise some when the fluid is up to operating temperature but it shouldn’t be a huge difference.
Some sticks even have a “Cold” mark on them.

The hard shifting & such sounds to me like one thing that happens from underfilling. I understand that three different people have checked your fluid, including you. And I understand that you said you went according to the owner’s manual - but humor everyone and specify exactly what you did to check the fluid.

And like ok4450, I’d much rather be a little overfilled than under filled.

One of the most important things about ever doing anything with transmission fluid (even just adding a little) is to use the correct fluid. I get the fact that you took it to a Kia dealer and that should mean you get exactly the correct fluid - but I generally don’t trust anyone to do the right things with my cars anymore.

With automatic transmissions under filled is preferable to over filled. Over filled will cause over heating and/or foaming and can quickly trash a transmission. If the transmission fluid is dark and smells burned have it replaced soon. Then argue with that dealership.