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Over 2 years since the battery failed a test, and it finally died

This was a Vibe, base. The battery was purchased in 2015. When I called my favorite repair shop, I was told that the batteries they offer have a 2-year replacement warranty, so i called another shop, to be told the batteries have a 3-year replacement warranty, so I chose that shop. Due to quarantine, not starting the car for a few weeks, and a deep cold snap, I could no longer start the car. My auto Insurance’s roadside service takes the car to the nearest “certified” service center. “Certified” by whom? Anywho, the shop is the shop that uses 3-year batteries, only to replace it with an Exide Sprinter-a 2-year replacement battery. The 5-year-old Ever start (north) was also made by Exide. I want a more robust car battery, I’m not a Costco member, so Interstate is off my plate The OEM battery had 575 CCA , this one has only 600, which makes it only adequate. I could always go back to Wally Mart, and order another Ever Start, they have 750 CCA, as does the DieHard Gold, from Advanced Auto Parts. I know that some batteries from the same brand can be good, or bad. The question is when should I start looking for a replacement battery, I’m not ready to trust an entry-level battery yet? This is group size 24F, cold climate.

I will check my math but I think 600 is more than 575 . Find something else to worry about. I is common for batteries to work and then just fail without warning . Some last longer than they are warrantied for and some don’t . You have road side service so that will be used when you need it.

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When purchasing a battery, look at the build date.

A battery that’s been sitting on the shelf for three months can begin to sulfate shortening it’s life.

So, find the newest battery possible.

Also, don’t consider just the CCA’s of a battery, but also consider the reserve capacity of the battery,

This rating is important if a vehicle sits for extended periods of time unused.



If what you want is a longer lasting battery, you can ask for a higher quality battery. Some auto parts stores carry the same size battery but in different quality standards and life expectancies. Ask for an upgrade.

Having said that, this isn’t how I manage my car batteries, which tend to die every four years no matter what I do. I remove my dead battery, take it to an auto parts store, get it tested for free, trade it in for a new battery, and install the new battery when I get home. Autozone and Advance Auto Parts will install a new battery for free, but I don’t like letting untrained retail workers work on my vehicles.

My point is the only benefit to a more expensive battery is that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of replacing the battery as often, but you pay a heavy price for that convenience.

Most importantly, get a smart trickle charger for your car. Using one will prolong the life of your battery significantly, at least until everyone gets vaccinated and we can go back to a “normal” life.

I always get the most cca available, but I live in cold country, if you live in hot country heat kills batteries first. I noticed in the summer my daughters 2002 Saturn was cranking a little slow, took it to the parts place, analysis was 65 cranking amps. Got her a new battery of course!

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A couple times, I’ve realized I needed a new battery (because the car cranked slowly or because I needed a jump start), so I drove to a Walmart, removed the battery from the car, bought a new battery, installed the new battery, and drove away. It’s the quick efficient way to deal with it if you’re fairly confident the battery is the issue, and not the charging system.


Reserve Capacity for a vehicle with no fancy stereo, or even a basic DVD player? It has 110 minutes that I won’t need. LOL Overall, it is good to know this information. I had to opportunity to compare the age of the battery; the car was taken to a shop for any new battery; the old battery was just that–old, it served me quite well, and lasted longer than I expected.

Overall, the question was “when should I begin looking for a replacement battery?”

When the one you have fails .

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I don’t understand why the process of searching for a battery should take any time. Choose a shop you trust and ask them to install the battery of your choice, or tell them what you expect from your battery and ask the mechanic to recommend one. When it eventually needs replacement, you go back to the same mechanic and either ask for a direct replacement or a recommendation for a better battery.

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Many auto mechanics where I live cannot be trusted. I read the local reviews of work done in the different shops here. I am not ready to trust any of the local shops; I get better advice form reading Consumers Reports, but they’re off on some car reviews. I’d rather buy the battery first, then take it to a shop for installation; amazingly, I installed my own truck battery, when I lived in Mexico. I can probably do it here as well.

Well I should hope so , battery replacement is not that difficult on most vehicles.

There are 3 major battery manufactures in the US . Johnson alone has 20 labels they make for so even house brands can be the same as Interstate that you seem to want. You are making this way to complicated . With so many places that will install a new battery for no charge or a low fee why buy one and take it to a shop that you seem to not trust.

Again, Most Auto Mechanics are NOT trusted where I live; so, I’d rather avoid them when possible. Would YOU return to a mechanic that installed your windshield wipers incorrectly?

Time to end this conversation. When it warms up, I search for a new battery with a nice warranty and install it myself.

if your new battery has a 2 year warranty, then I’d start pondering about it in 2 years…

or, if it concerns you now, go buy one now. I’ve had 3 year warranty batteries only last a year, and I’ve had 2 year batteries last close to 7. there just isn’t an exact date when you can say that every battery is going to fail.

OEM Batteries are not “entry level” The original cold cranking amps are enough for your car. The problem is not driving it enough. If you have access to an electric outlet where you park the car, put a battery maintainer on it. If not, buy a jump pack, the newer ones are small enough to keep in your glove compartment.

By the way, my 2012 Camry still has the original battery, I don’t have a jump pack nor do I have a maintainer on it and the first time Iwas told my battery failed was 5 or 6 years ago. It has never failed to start my car and I live near Buffalo NY. My daughters 2010 Corolla still has its original battery. If these are “entry level” who needs a better one.

Testing and–if necessary–replacing a battery can be done at AutoZone, Advance Auto, NAPA, and probably some other retail establishments.

The last two times, I had it done at AutoZone, and I was able to view the test meter verifying the condition of the battery. Testing of the old battery and installation of the new battery took about 30 minutes, in total.

That’s going to be the case no matter where you live, and even if you buy and install your own battery, you are going to need a trustworthy mechanic eventually for work your cannot do on your own. I suggest you make finding a trustworthy mechanic a priority before you need one.

Perhaps the bigger issue is that communication fosters trust, and unless you’re giving your mechanic constructive feedback, it becomes very difficult to earn your trust. Take the windshield wipers, for example. It could be a simple mistake made by an employee who needs guidance. If you don’t bring the issue to anyone’s attention, the employee never gets the guidance.

Even if you find a trustworthy mechanic, there is bound to be an occasional misunderstanding or mistake. Resolving those misunderstandings and mistakes is where trust is earned.