Outside air

I am looking to purchase an SUV possibly something along the Chevy Traverse/ GMC Acadia line and I wanted to know if anyone has knowledge as to how well the car is sealed. I own a 2008 chevy truck that no matter what I always smell the out side air I.E., cigarette smoke, diesel exhaust skunks etc. We have a Honda pilot seems to fair pretty well on recirc. air the same goes for a previously owned Toyota Camry. Any input is greatly appreciated.


Your best bet is to look for something with a cabin filter in the ductwork. No modern car will be airtight. If it were you’d have trouble closing the doors.

A cabin filter will not remove smells…I would test drive one and test out the airrecirculation setting…

Why not test drive one for an extended period of time and see if the car can recirculate air at the level you are looking for?

You MUST have SOME outside air or you would suffocate in an hour or so, having depleted all the oxygen in the “cabin”…The windows would fog up long before that…