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88 nova with air on recirculate.. still smell exhaust coming inside

i just purchased a 1988 chevrolet nova. its in great condition with 126,000 miles. when i go driving with the ac on recirculate, i can still smell exhaust entering the cabin from a cars driving in front of me. what can i do to fix this?

The exhaust smell might not be comimg from the vehicles in front of you, but instead from your own vehicle. Since you just purchaced the vehicle, you might want to have the exhaust system inspected.


also… i am pretty sure the air switches function properly. the movements are flawless

i thought about that but i figured when an older dirty car got in front of me was when i could smell exhaust. i was wondering if there are some filters i can replace or add. but i heard “extra” air filters didnt come on cars until the mid 90s.

[b]  am pretty sure the air switches function properly. the movements are flawless[/b] 

Unless you see the door close or can feel the difference in the flow of air when you change the setting, I suspect the door.

the vent door? i havent seen it close. only hear. i should look at it. whats the best way to check it out? is this a common problem on old cars? it seems like every old car i ride in has this problem when on the air is on recirc.

The seals for the recirc door are probably shot and or the door is not closing all the way. Most likely seals.

thanks to everyone. ill check out the vent door and see how it goes.