Outer tire rod question

Hi, I need a new outer tire rod on my Lexus ES 300. The tire rod was priced at 108.99 each. A new steering tire rod end and wheel alignment was quoted. The store also said I needed new shocks/struts, new suspensions strut assembly, and new suspension strut assembly for the rear… To get a new outer tire rod, will need all of those other things listed?

Those other items aren’t required to replace a tie rod, at least in my Toyota. Probably not w/you Lexus either. I’m guessing the shop is recommending the other items should be replaced too, b/c they are near their wear limit already. The logic being that if you don’t replace them, and only the tie rod, then when the next one on the list needs replacing, you’ll not only have to replace that, but also get a new wheel alignment job done again. If you replace all those items now, you’ll only have to pay for one wheel alignment. There’s no way to advise over the internet of course which if any of those items needs replacing of course. If this is a dealership shop, sometimes they will recommend items be replaced that really don’t need to be replaced. Either b/c they make money by replacing stuff, or they want the owner to have as close to a new car as is possible, and one that is as safe as possible to drive. So they make a conservative recommendation, better safe than sorry kind of logic. If the first shop is a dealership, consider to get a second opinion from a well recommended inde shop.

You did not give year or mileage and we can’t see the car. Simple thing to do is get a second opinion. If this is a chain type store of course they said you need all that and you may need it.

The road conditions in your area also play a part in suspension and steering longevity. Crappy roads, salt, driving through standing water, etc are all factors.

The short answer to your original question is, “No, you don’t have to do all these other jobs to replace a tie rod end.”

The longer answer is exactly what has already been said. And, if one tie rod end is shot, what about the other tie rod end (there’s a left and a right tie rod)?

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Yeah it’s a tie rod not a tire rod. Its what is connected to the wheel to turn the car. All that is needed is an alignment to replace one. However if one is bad, I’d consider doing the other side too at the same time. I broke one once and its not fun to have your wheel flopping on the freeway. All the other stuff is possible but I’d want someone else to take a look too rather than rebuilding the whole front end.

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