Outback tires

just bought a 2005 outback with 66000 miles… it needs new tires. i live in upstate new york. what is recommended for this vehicle?

I suggest you make a stop at tirerack. It is an on line retailer and they do have a customer rating section as well as a tyre finder to help you pick what will work best for you on your car.

There is no requirement to buy tyres from them, but I would consider it, in fact I have done it and it work out fine. It’s your choice.

Whatever you do, DO NOT buy Bridestone Potenza RE-92 tires!

I have frequently commented on these “original equipment” tires that were supplied on Outbacks and some other makes and models of cars by the manufacturer. Since you live in upstate NY, you need a tire that will give you good traction on ice and snow, and I can tell you from personal experience with my Outback that, despite AWD, those Bridgestone Potenzas are dangerous on slippery winter roads.

As soon as I could justify replacing the Potenzas, I mounted B.F. Goodrich Touring T/A tires which cost less, give good traction on winter surfaces, and also have both ride and handling characteristics superior to the Potenzas. If you go to Costco, you can get the Touring T/A for a good price, including balancing, lifetime rotation, lifetime puncture repair, and a road hazard warranty.

First do not buy the RE92(a)'s that came from the factory likely. They wear well but have poor winter and wet traction. Otherwise a decent tire with remaining qualities.

Given your locale an all-season tire with better winter traction is what you really would want. One model that I know a few Outback owners love and swear by is the Goodyear Assurance TripleTred for excellent year round traction and performance.

If your in the Snow-belt…get yourself good AT or winter tires. All-season even in 4wd won’t handle areas Oswego, Pulaski or Watertown. Even Syracuse is pushing with it’s 120" annual snow fall.

Goodyear Assurance Tripletread:

Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole Position

If you’re gonna get Bridgestone, get the one I just posted

A Bridgestone ultra high performance z-rated tire on an Outback?! Are you nuts? This is an Outback wagon not a Corvette.

They’re rated really good for most driving conditions. Hell, I got the Mechelin Pilot Exalto on my Civic

The Bridgestone you have cited is nice within its CLASS, but not for this vehicle or its needs. Tires at the Tire Rack (and in general) are rated within their category-not against each other. You wouldn’t compare the winter performance of snow tires to standard all-season tires, and you don’t compare high-performance tires against ultra or max-performance tires.

A merely average performance in the snow from a standard tire might be considered superb in a Z-rated all season ultra/max performance tire and vice versa.

An Outback needs a tire with good capabilities in poor conditions since they live in New York and choosing Z-rated all seasons is about as far away from that as you can get without going to a full summer tire.

thanks everyone for your help!

My advice is to buy a set of steel wheels and tires from Tirerack.com (or another source) and swap them in during the winter months.

I have a 2004 Legacy and completely agree - the stock Potenza RE92’s absolutely SUCK!!! Sliding through two stoplights in mild slush convinced me to buy new tires.

Upgrading to Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S for the other three seasons made the car seem like a completely new car. Some friends run them in the winter and love them as well.

For winter, I have run Bridgestone Blizzak WS-50 and now I run Michelin X-Ice. The Blizzaks were better on ice; the X-Ice are better dry and in wet/slushy conditions.

The reviews on tirerack.com are a great resource… before you buy any tires check them out!

An Outback needs a tire with good capabilities in poor conditions since they live in New York and choosing Z-rated all seasons is about as far away from that as you can get without going to a full summer tire.

The problem with NY is there are DRASTIC differences in winter driving conditions within a 50 mile radius. Lake effect snow from the Great Lakes account for a good portion of the 300" annual snow fall in places like Pulaski. Go 40 miles south and the annual snow fall is less then 100". Places like Albany averages about 80"…Watertown - 200".

I had a 92 Olds Cutlass which I had Goodrich T/A tires. I replaced them another set of T/A’s. I had problems with belt separation before either set reached 40K. I would buy T/A’s again.

does anyone have any experience with yokohama tires?

have a chance to get a set for $300…

Depends on specific model. Each brand has winners and losers.

+1 Some are good and some are bad within every brand…Well except Michelin haha :wink: