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Outback 'Severe Climate' Grinding

Last winter my 07 Outback started to make a grinding, creaking sounds coming from the front wheel area when I made turns, right or left. I have taken the car back to Subaru and they have told me nothing is wrong even though they are aware of the sound. They told me ‘Subaru is working on it’ meaning they assigned me a case number and Subaru is aware of the problem. After some back and forth with Subaru of America they determined that ‘the noise you are experiencing is characteristic at

this time when driven under severe climate situations’. Well, duh it’s cold, I live in Alaska. Winter is back and so is the noise. Anyone else experiencing this problem??

I own a Legacy GT wagon(close cousin) and noticed this once during severe cold for New England (well below 0F) but this cold was atypical.

Keep pressing Subaru, it may be nothing but an annoyance. I frequent a Legacy (GT) board and no one complains of it as a regular thing. You have it documented so if something fails it likely will be covered within reason.

There must be other Outback owners in your area. Ask them if they have this problem.