Our Quest is Failing

Our Nissan Quest has started to spurter and spit when it rains. It has never done this before and it sounds like it wants to stall when we idle and when we start to accelerate. Clueless about cars and need your help.

model year? Mileage? Check engine light on?

What year?
How many miles?
Has the maintenance been kspt up to date?
Is your Check Engine Light lit (or blinking)?

Wet weather sputtering is almost always ignition system related. And it almost always trips the CEL. And the ECU almost always has some good clues where to look. And its repair more often than not involves doing overdue maintenance.

On an older vehicle the repair often involves changing an ignition component like an igniter or a coil pack.

Start by checking for codes.

If it only does that when it rains, you likely have worn or cracked iginiton wires or other defective electrical compoments.

I would take it to a good auto-electric shop or a good mechanic and have the iginition system tested out.

You may have other problems, depending how well the acr has been manitained.

Would appreciate age and miles on the car and a list of maintenance activities and dates they were performed. Then we can pinpoint your problem better.

CEL,ECU-don’t know what that means??? I do know that this is a 2001 Nissan Quest with 190,000 miles, the oil is changed every 3,000 miles, belts and timing chain replaced this year. If it is electrical, how do I find a tech/mech for that issue? Don’t want to go to a dealer.

Check engine light is not on

For starters, someone just needs to check and probably do maintenance on the ignition system. Any mechanic can take care of this. But you don’t want to go to a national chain-type of place. Ask around among people you know for a local, independent shop.