Other part to the water pump?

1991 Toyota 4Runner 215k, ran great until one day I heard a skweeking noise that seemed tied to the timing belt, I took it in and they told me it was the water pump and I had it replaced.

I was then called 3 days later and they said it was the “other part of the water pump that also needed replacing” something about the housing or bearings… they quoted the part at $800 from Toyota not including labor of course… needless to say I was already very confused and out of money so I drove the car home and have not driven it since.

Any idea what this could be and if it is worth fixing? Other than that the car is great and I’d love to keep it.

You need to get an independent, trusted mechanic to look at it (use the car talk mechanic finder). Is this a 4 or a v6? Did the noise go away?

V6, no the noise is still there, I have a seperate car so I have not been driving it at all.

Here is what the pump looks like.

They’re probably referring to the housing that the pump sits in. Note how the pump impeller could damage the housing if the pump bushings are bad enough.

Since they replaced the pump, and IF there is no leaking or overheating, then you will probably be fine. It’s unknown to us, and no doubt you also, just how badly the housing was marked up by the old pump impeller but this may not be a problem at all.

The proper repair would be to replace any damaged part but in some cases one can get by with reusing the old.

Hmm-hard for me to understand how a damaged housing would keep making the noise - could it be an idler pulley instead?

It sounded like it was a pulley or bearing having gone bad… a while back I had to drive the car when I was moving to a new house and the car drove about 5 miles and then the engine shut off… this I believe was a result of the engine being prevented from turning over as the bearing seized up. I am not sure is this helps at all. We were able to get the engine started again and it was still making the same sound

Could this be the part they were referring to?


I guess what makes the whole thing worse is that the water pump that was replaced was probably find since it did nothing to improve the situation