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Opposed engines

Manufactures producing opposed engines,especialy in India

I had one grunch, but the eggplant over there

Labor surplus producing cheap textiles, especially in Indonesia

[b][i]I Am Opposed To The Manufacture Of Almost All Engines, Especially Those Produced In India.

As I’ve Always Said, Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I Like Peanut Butter. Can You Swim ?[/i][/b]

Agreed. Engines who oppose one other will never be in my vehicle.

Ferdinand (Porsche) must be rolling over in his grave.

Tata folks!


Good one, MB.

Eh ?

Opposed engines ?
As in tractor pull multi engine machines where they rotate in opposite directions to offset tourque ?

English please.


Maybe opposed cylinders as in a BMW motorcycle?

It’s a political thing. Partisan politics at its worst.

“Maybe opposed cylinders as in a BMW motorcycle?”

Ya think?

Now why didn’t that possibility occur to everyone else?

After eight hours do ya think the o.p. could return just once ?


( knuckles knocking on my monitor screen, hand over eyebrows scanning the horizon. )

Ya think?
I think so but every time I think I do thinking gets me into trouble. I’m kinda new to this slam the poster thing.

Well yes but,

Lycoming, Volkswagon, Corvair. Been there, done that.
What could the o.p. possibly mean, and what point is attempted ?

I could ask how you feel about the 7th planet from the sun, as a whole, but oops never mind.

[b][i] I Knew A Guy Once Who Replaced The Engine In His Car. The Car Was Not Only Opposed To It, But It Flat-Out Rejected It And Died Right There On The Side Of The Road In Indiana.

Goes To Show Ya. . . No Matter Where You Go . . . There You Are ![/i][/b]

All roads lead to somewhere.

Can I quote you?

I am not opposed to opposed engines as much as I am opposed to opposed engine problems.