Opinions on cars

Drive it forever and put the money into retirement investments. That’s the way you can get your money’s worth on the purchase and be able to retire in comfort. Some it can be used to buy the next car for cash and you will save a bunch.

I bought the 1969 Dodge Van in 1973, sold it in 1991, around 150,000 miles I think. I bought the Datsun B210 in 1974, sold it in 1986 due to extreme body rust. Still have the 1992 Mitsubishi I bought in 1994. It now has 250,000 miles. Engine’s never been apart except for timing belts. Still on the original clutch. I stopped driving it a few years ago, may restart if gas prices go up. Current daily driver is a 2006 Tahoe, bought in 2012. It’s got 169,000 miles and I expect to get another ten years out of it.